Advancing Daughters of India Through Integrated Education (ADITI ) - EDUCATING THE GIRL CHILD

The Aditi Integrated School has been established as a unique experiment in Social integration of Children with Special Needs having beavioural disorders and lacking in social skills with the girls from socio-economically deprived segments. The girls receive free education, apart from free food, uniform dress, transport and free medical aid. This Aditi Integrated School has acted as stepping stone for children with special needs preparing them to join mainstream schools after being discharged from Model Center for Children with Special Needs.Supporting one Girl Child in Aditi Integrated School costs Rs.7,000/- per annum. We appeal your support to sustain this beautiful project by sponsoring any child of Aditi Integrated School



ADITI was started in 2011 to empower Indian girls and give them a life of Dignity. ADITI works towards stopping gender discrimination and prevent crimes against Girls both within the family as well as outside. Girls are to get access to basic education and vocational training so as to achieve financial independence. Special focus is on girls from lower Socio-economic strata such as undeveloped villages, tribal areas and the urban slums. The selected Girls shall not be vulnerable persons and perform to their optimum ability in their life.

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Principal Ms. Parmila Sabar