Balamukunda Memorial Centre of Audiology is the first ever centre in Odisha to have clinical services for the hearing impaired persons which includes identification of the hearing impaired infant, diagnostic evaluations, cochlear implant surgery and subsequent Audiological rehabilitation. This is a joint venture project between Margadarsi and Geeta Mukunda Trust (A family owned trust with family members of Balamukunda Pattnaik and Geeta Rani Pattnaik).

The operation theatre is under construction while the Audiology laboratory is providing Audiological diagnostic services to hearing impaired persons on charity. This invites national and international talented professionals in ear and hearing care for lending their expertise to people who need it. Balamukunda Memorial Center of Audiology is being set up to treat deafness with advanced reconstructive surgeries like Cochlear Implant, Brain stem Implant, TICI ( Totally Implantable Cochlear Implant), BAHA ( Bone Anchored Hearing Aid), Middle Ear Implant, Vestibular Implant and Neuropace or such other bionic devices.

This centre also promotes the audiology education among the youngsters as a career. It acknowledges the contribution of professionals in the field of Hearing Rehabilitation annually during its annual program on 7th Feb.

You can support the Audiological Rehabilitation of a Hearing Impaired Child. The Hearing instruments and initial expenses for one child costs about INR 100,000/-. The Audiological Rehabilitation costs about INR 7,000/- per month and may continue for about two years.

Director BMCA Manoj Kumar