Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing Loss For Babies

Hearing Loss For Older People

If a child is born with Hearing loss, he/she may become isolated into a silent world with disability. Development of speech and language gets delayed.

But proper diagnosis and early intervention by Audiologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Special educators can help the children develop communication skills and join the mainstream school as normally functioning individuals.

Older people develop hearing Impiarment. Not only the hearing loss creates embarrassment in family, at social gathering, loss at work place, but it can cause other damages and increase risks. These include brain damage, balance Disorders and much more.We can assess the loss of ability to hear speech, loss of ability to understand language and other cognitive problems.The loss can be compensated with digital programming of smart hearing instruments or Hearing Aids.Audiological Rehabilitation can restore communication skills of the hearing impaired people and bring back normal functional life.