Model Center Of Children with Special Needs ​​

Why this is for ?

Model Centre for Children with Special Needs is a response of Margdarsi to find solution for Childhood disorders that cause disability. It is the largest single Center in Odisha with complete diagnostic and therapeutic care for Children with all kinds of Developmental Disorders and Disabilities. The Missionary dedication of the staff and unparalleled eco-system has made this one the Best hope for Children with Developmental Disorders in India. Intensive care, holistic therapeutics and commitment for ultimate integration in the mainstream, makes this center unique in every way

Children affected by various disabling conditions like Congenital Deafness, Motor handicaps, Multiple handicaps like Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual handicaps like Mental Retardation, Learning Disability, Down’s Syndrome, Seizure Disorders and Developmental Disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are treated here with comprehensive rehabilitation.It is providing variety of rehabilitation services like Speech- Language Therapy, Psycho Therapy, Behavior Modification, Occupational Therapy, Special Education, Social Integration, Alternate Therapies (Art Therapy, Craft Therapy and Play Therapy), Dietary intervention and much more for Holistic care of the children below 12 years of age.

Support and success-story

It has many success stories of ‘non-verbal’ children ultimately going to the normal schools with near normal communication skill and social behavioral skills. The early intervention and multi-modal therapy can help children with Autism to drop the diagnosis and live a normal life. Those with active epileptic seizures, behavioural disorders can look forward to cure from such symptoms, not live with custodial care for lifetime suffering as disabled.

Our Team

Founder Prof Satya Mahapatra
Principal Manisha Nayak