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Margdarsi has a large team of professional experts who work seamlessly to provide Multi Modal therapy to Children with Special Needs. The team includes Audiologist, Physiotherapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Psychologist, Occupational therapist, Special Educators, Dieticians, Art therapist, Yoga trainers, Play therapist etc. The planning and execution of the therapy is with sincere dedication of the staff and has a holistic approach for comprehensive care. This is supported by the in-house research and innovation to create individualised care.

Founder Margdarsi Prof. Satya Mahapatra
Principal,IHS Dr Sk Mishra
Director ,BMCA Manoj Kumar
Principal,MCCWSN Manisha Nayak
Prof. Satya Mahapatra
Founder Director


I stand up and dare to dream of building a new world order where human society  lives in consonance,  every human suffering has a remedy and every life feels safe... 

Dr Sk Mishra
Principal IHS

Dr. Santosh Mishra having more than four decades of experience after his medical degree and PG in Hospital management. Starting career as Physician in armed forces, he served corporate hospitals at Coal India where rose to Chief of Medical Services . Before joining Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) as the Principal, he was Chief Hospital Administrator and Medical Superintendent. At IHS, he is involved in academics, administration, clinical work and shaping the policy matter and actively planning the development of the organisation

Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar is the Chief Audiologist and Director,BM Center of Audiology. He controls the Audiological rehabilitation services, outreach program across the state of Odisha. He works out Collaborations for institutional development of organizations around the country through human resource support.

Manisha Nayak

Manisha Nayak, is a Clinical Psychologist with her academic career and focus shaped specifically on the needs of children affected by developmental disorders. Having spent more than 12 years leading the Model Center for Children with Special Needs, she is synonymous with child care with a holistic approach. Her inputs for institution based rehabilitation services for disability affected children is stretched beyond the campus. Special support for home based activities and community based comprehensive services to the family helps most children to join social mainstream as a normally functioning child. 

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HEARING LOSS TREATMENT Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hearing loss can strike anyone at any time and at any age even at childhood. People are aware that their hearing has deteriorated but are reluctant to seek help. They are either embarrassed by what they see as a weakness or believe that it will heal with time. But

WHAT IS HEARING IMPAIRMENT? Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hearing impairment, or popularly known as, Hearing loss, means a partial or total inability to hear and occurs when there’s a problem with or damage to one or more parts of the ear. Temporary hearing issues, if not dealt with on time, can lead to a permanent damage to the sense.

NOISE INDUCED HEARING LOSS Tuesday, January 15, 2019

We, at Margdarsi, have undergone vigorous research to find out the various causes & treatments of hearing impairment. Hearing impairment can be of different types depending on how it has occurred. One such cause of the damage is Noise or generally known as Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) Sounds of