Autism Can Be Cured

Focus On

  • Development of oral communication skills
  • Social skill development and behavior modification
  • Independence in daily living activities
  • Improve general well-being
  • Relieve the sensory overload
  • Gut healing
  • Freedom from seizures
Cure Autism

Margdarsi provides Autism cure and Autistic Child Treatment in Bhubaneswar. Autism is a regressive disorder of childhood affecting more than two percent children of the country.

Mainstream Inclusion

Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Children with Autism leads to development of age appropriate communication skills and social behavior. Dropping the diagnosis of Autism, the completely cured children are discharged from Model Center to join the social and educational mainstream. They go to normal school to pursue regular curricular education as ordinary kids and to live a normal life.


  • Residential Care
  • OPD care
  • Intensive Care
  • Transport Facility
  • Dietary Therapy
  • Family Support And counseling
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic services

Symptoms & Prognosis



  • Doesn’t imitate the actions of others
  • Prefers solitary or ritualistic play
  • Shows little pretend or imaginative play
  • Attracted towards gadgets in fixed manner for playing
  • Overly or poorly sensitive in sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste (for example, they may refuse to wear “itchy” clothes and become distressed on hearing loud sound)
  • Have unusual distress when routines are changed
  • Perform repeated body movements, activities
  • Show unusual attachments to objects, places

Autism remains a challenging condition for children and their families,

With the right therapy, most of the symptoms of Autism can be improved. Most people with autism can live with their families. 

It depends on the severity of the Autism, time of diagnosis and the doses of therapy the affected person receives.

Model Centre for Children With Special Needs is the single Govt recognized Autism center in Odisha. Its campus has requisite infrastructure, a large dedicated team of qualified professional experts with long experience in treating Autism . The Model Centre having strengthened by strong research support from Institute of Health Sciences, provides intensive care to cure the Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

The Autism affected children are provided with wide range of therapeutic intervention that includes: 

  • Speech Language Therapy,  
  • Psychotherapy/ Behavior Modification,  
  • Occupational Therapy/ Sensory-Motor Integration, 
  • Special Education, 

An array of Alternative Therapies.

  •    Social Integration
  •    Play Therapy
  •    Art & Craft Therapy
  •    Hydro Therapy
  •    Yoga And Meditation

Bio-medical Interventions

  • Therapeutic Diet with Need assessment
  • Dietary Supplements
  •  Probiotics
  • Detoxification
  • Chelation/ Sulfation
  • Immunity boosting