Transit Home for Parents of Disability affected Children

Margdarsi is handling hundreds of children on a daily basis who come from different parts of the country for treatment of Autism, Mental Retardation, Seizure Disorders, birth defects like Down’s Syndrome etc. The families take up rented accommodation to avail therapy at the Model center for Children with Special Needs at Bhubaneswar. While travelling in public transport with a Child having special needs is very inconvenient for the mother or the caregiver, it is ruining valuable time of the child in travelling that could have been used by the service providers for increasing the therapy doses.

Margdarsi is looking for support of benevolent public and philanthropic organisations to establish the Transit Home at the IHS campus of Bhubaneswar. The proposed Transit Home with a capacity of one hundred inmates is being established to relieve the ordeal of family having a special child.

Your contributions to build this transit home can do a great help to the affected families and the children with Special Needs.